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I’ve been speaking professionally for nearly 10 years. I’ve been very fortunate to have made a great living as a speaker and I’ve had some awesome professional experiences along the way, too. People always ask me, “how’d did you do that?” Were there certain tools and resources that helped? Yes there were and I’m going to share them with you now.

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Here’s what they cover:
* Tips on subjects like sales and marketing, travel, technology, resources, saving money,
PR, conducting better presentations, and other topics key to the speaking business
* Requests for information and advice
* Want ads (equipment and other items for sale)

Even if taking the big stage is not in your cards, this newsletter serves up great personal development, presentation and communication content.

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Oddpodz review:
One of my favorites and most valuable finds is free (as long as you share learning back). It’s called SpeakerNet News. Every week an email goes to more than 8000 professional speakers, consultants, trainers, authors and business experts. Your dues are to submit content back that can help other readers.