Frustrated, aggravated and pissed off too. In November these words and emotions filled my head, occupied my soul and burned up a lot of good energy. These states of mind are not foreign to most entrepreneurs as they are building their dreams, in fact, I’m sure they are common.

But here is the real deal, which I learned these past few months as it seemed like everyday I gave my best and everything was hitting a hard wall and going no where.

If you let these emotions and mental states stay in your space, your environment, your head, nothing will move faster, in fact, these feelings can likely contribute to your stress, your project delay and outcome.

Stay focused on finding solutions. Period.  Shake off the negative  junk. Replace the toxic emotions with productive, positive ones.

Instead of being frustrated, be intrigued.

Loose the aggravation, get inspired.

Forget being pissed. Instead, be grateful that you still have working body parts and brain to control your destiny.