Guest blogging is a great way to optimize your blog/website’s SEO. According to SEOMoz Search Engine Ranking Factors, links back to your site on external sites are what boost your SEO. Since guest blogging is about writing a quality article which links back to your website, guest blogging is a great way to create external links. Easy enough!

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Guest blogging is win-win relationship between bloggers and blog publishers because the publisher of blog gets fresh and free content for their blog, helping it to grow. In addition to creating external links, guest blogging also helps you the increase readership of your blog, and builds your credibility (the more your name pops up in a Google search on credible websites, the more perceived credibility you will build). And all this also build your brand (if you are choosy where you are blogging….. which you should be because where you post reflects your brand. Everything affects your brand).

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