My good friend and fellow branding buddy Bruce Turkel is an amazing writer and talent. I’ve been reading his blog  ever since we met at a comedy workshop for the National Speakers Association.

Recently I noticed that I was getting two copies of his blog in my inbox. I pinged Bruce and asked him, “Was this an email error or a smart intentional marketing move?”

Totally planned. The mail system he uses lets him resend the mail to folks who didn’t open it the first time. Here’s the real kicker, the click through on his email/blog after the 2nd hit increased by 8-12% by sending it again.

Makes good sense, right? I know I often mean to open and read his blog… but, I just run out of time in the day. However, that friendly second send get’s my attention and I click through and read it.

I use Mailchimp for my outreach mail service and just learned I can set this feature up too. So if you miss opening my branding blog, you will now get a friendly 2nd reminder.

What else is worth a double or even triple dose?
Repeating a point or as my storytelling coach Doug Stevenson coined, a “Phrase that Pays”, when you give a speech or presentation. By repeating a short, punchy action driven line, he contends the program message will stick to the audience’s mind much easier.

Repeating the name of a person you just met has value too when you struggle to remember names. Just say the person’s name in your conversation back and it sticks.

If you missed any of the messages in my blog this week, print them out and read them again tomorrow. That should help.