Popcorn, going to movies

I was craving a good escape last night, a movie fix. So I went to two.

Tampa is fortunate to have a fabulous dinner, drinks and movie venue called Cine Bistro. It’s so worth the extra few bucks, no kids, no cramped seats, no kidding. Plus the food ranks up there with any nice, foodie, hip dinning spot. If you live in Tampa, check this place out and support them, so they stick around.

My first flick was Unstoppable with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. Two fine guys and actors. I loved the movie. Great art directing, awesome sound, good casting and an energizing story line that as an entrepreneur was very inspiring.  The movie had nothing to do with running your own business, but it had everything to do with fundamental principles that are very relevant to being a successful  entrepreneur.

Highlights and my take-aways –
The movie had a simple idea, “a train that could not be stopped”. The simple idea was transformed in a two hour compelling story.

What simple concept do you have in your biz that can be transformed into a masterful story?

The two main characters were regular working class guys both with a skill set, one with limited experience, but had miles of determination.
Sound like someone you admire?

Both characters were dealing with significant personal challenges.
At the moments where stepping up and taking on danger head on, these issues were not present, but the will to succeed was.

Nothing could stop this train.
Does this sound like you? Resilient, tough as steel. If not, make some adjustments.

It was a scary, high risk, against all odds journey.
I know what that feels like. If being in business was easy, every person would be doing it.

Need a little adrenaline rush this week, see this movie.

The second movie I saw was Love and other Drugs
Well for me this flick was not a walk out movie, but, certainly not a must see either, on a 1 to 10, I’d give it a 6. What I would give it is “The trailer was much better than the actual movie award”. Which is always disappointing.

The love story was sappy and predictable. The sex scenes were very present, along with some great camera shots and editing. Ann Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal seem to have good chemistry, even though the story was on the light side. What stuck in my head most about this film was not a dating, love relationship message, but the state of how sometimes creepy and corrupt the pharmaceutical companies and doctors relationships are. See CNN story on branding of conditions,  Kind of made me feel sick.

Anyhow, Movies are good medicine for entrepreneurs. They keep you grounded with moral messages and can expand your mind with some extreme fantasy all in the same day. Movies can teach us, about market segments, typography treatments, promotions, product placement, casting and character creation, creativity, brilliant story telling  and remind us that sometimes even boring and stupid things can make money too.

If your brain needs some feeding today, take a break and go see a movie.

For more on how to be unstoppable, view: 5 things that helped us get our creative mojo back.