One of our amazing interns on the Oddpodz team, Jenn, discovered this resource. Upon her graduation, she decided to put together an online resume and portfolio for herself.  This was a big venture for her as she had no experience in building websites or writing html code. But instead of panicking, Jenn put on her thinking cap and realized that there had to be a simple solution on the web.  There had to be other entrepreneurs out there who were also inexperienced website builders like herself.

She quickly found a website called SnapPages, a FREE, simple website builder. Instantly, Jenn was able to upload pictures, create a blog, manage multiple calendars and build a clean, functional personal website.

SnapPages offers a tutorial video that shows you how to use each of the functions in the website builder.  This includes how to find the right template, add pictures, edit copy and more.

This is a great tool for entrepreneurs to help maximize their business in the online world.

To start creating your own website now, visit SnapPages.