Pointing out inaccuracies in Hollywood product is a little like being Sisyphus; as much as you roll that hunk of crap up the hill, they’re going to make Pearl Harbor anyway. But one recent inconsistency caught our ear. The upcoming Hollywoodland bills itself as “Hollywood’s most notorious unsolved mystery.” While The Black Dahlia claims to be “the most notorious unsolved murder in California history.”

Now we hardly remember comparative proofs, but we do know that, providing A) The Black Dahlia’s claim is accurate (and given James Ellroy’s involvement we’re not going to differ) and B) Hollywood is still in California, then Hollywoodland’s marketing claim is geographically erroneous on two points. (The other being the very technical, yet nonetheless true, fact that the address of George Reeves death – 1579 Benedict Canyon – is actually Beverly Hills, a separate municipality from Hollywood.)

We only mention this because we loved 2001’s James Ellroy doc Feast of Death. Besides being awesome, it has the added benefit of not having Josh Hartnett or Ben Affleck.

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