Yeah, we all know that but when sales are not happening, how does one get around this rejection-ridden routine?

cold calling still sucks

My buddy Jeffrey Gitomer, the modern day Godfather of selling, shares this answer along with many other unbreakable laws of selling in his new book by the same name.

I’ve known Gitomer for nearly 10 years. Throughout my speaking career, he’s been a close friend and a consent source of inspiration and influential ideas.  He’s direct, can be brash, but walks his talk. From selling T-shirts out of his car in New Jersey, to an international best-selling author, this guy knows how to sell.

His new book, 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling, comes out today. I’ve read an advance copy, and if you need to sell more, I recommend you get a copy, too. If you’ve read any of his other books, this one is like his greatest hits, a compilation of his finest tips, plus it addresses how social media has changed the sales playing field, too.

Here are three points from his book:

  1. Your belief system is the root of your success and bane of your failure.
  2. Laughter leads to listening.
  3. Ask before you tell, and you won’t have to sell.

Get a copy today, September 3rd on Amazon, and you’ll get a bonus link to tons of free stuff from Jeffrey and 40 other top business leaders, motivators, authors, and educators, too. I am one of those authors. The giveaway from me is an ebook on creativity.

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