This past year, I had the privilege of working with a chemistry company called Celanese. The assignment was to re-energize a business to business brand that helps manufacturers of all kinds create innovative products. The mission was accomplished. In collaboration with a team spanning 26 countries, the company’s brand evolved into an even stronger persona; one that reflected ingenuity, creativity, forward thinking and a united spirit of over 7,000 global employees.

The 12-month brand transformation centered around the core values of the organization and required serious alignment with the company’s vision, business practices, communications and the internal culture.

This meant many major branding elements needed to be changed. The corporate communications look and feel was changed, a new brand promise and tagline, “The chemistry inside innovation”, were created, and the web presence was updated, as well as, the image ad campaign. They all received a brand new face.

Along with updating the big stuff, equally important to the new brand’s roll-out success were the small touch points. One of the coolest things produced were branded coasters. Spheres of bright colors with the company’s values printed on each one of them. They also printed round stickers with equally as inspiring messages. Both were a big hit with the employees. In fact, they are still displayed around the offices months after the new brand launch. The coasters and stickers were sources from Micro Brew Marketing and they were great to work with.

photo 1

How can you spread some brand messaging in your office environment?

Last month, I attended an Ohio State football game in some very cold weather. To battle the frigid climate, I purchased long underwear made by Coldpruf®.
I opened the package, and to my surprise, a branded coaster was inside. This is a nice way to give the customer something to keep, while telling them about your company’s philanthropic philosophy of how the brand donates 1% of sales to environmental causes. All of Coldpruf’s branding is well done and worth checking out too.

Branding with coasters

Branding with coasters 2

How can your educate your customers and give them a keepsake too?

There’s no shortage of boring, blend-in business cards. Why not make a lasting impression with a unique, round business card. Here’s a couple of sites that feature creative designs and printing resources to make help your brand stand out.

Round branded business cards

Links to round business card ideas

How can you make a statement and stand out every time you meet someone new?

Maybe thinking outside the box is not really where it’s at, but instead thinking inside the circle might be a better answer.