It appears that even He needs a little marketing help sometime. Church Marketing Sucks is a site dedicated to helping churches better market themselves through practical, hands-on methods. From their FAQs:

Church marketing efforts and communication in general suck. We’ve got the greatest story ever told, but we don’t know how to tell it. The church has a problem communicating, and it’s time to change.”

We love the church, but it needs some help. Typos, cheesy logos, and bad clip art aren’t helping the cause. But snazzy marketing won’t save this ship, either.

This isn’t simply about putting butts in pews or selling glossy postcards. It’s about helping the church be the Church, and seeing lives changed as a result.

The truth is that if your business in any way focuses on successful communication and motivation of a grass-roots group or community of people, then Church Marketing Sucks can probably teach you something. For example, read their advice on copywriting.