Some of you are familiar with “Odderations”. It is a work in progress. Eventually it will become a dictionary of our own oddpodese.

In the meantime, we enjoy stories about words, language, (mis)translations and communications (or lack thereof)

There was a story in the Wall Street Journal about Beijing getting rid of bad translations (may require a subscription). I know, not your typical “creative” daily publication, but you never know where you’re going to find inspiration. Anyway, there was an article about the preparation for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. There is an effort underway to make sure that all the signs (street, building identifiers and others) contain correct English translations. Apparently, the current renditions have provided visitors and ex-pats with entertainment. One of our favorites was a road sign that carried said: “‘To take notice of safe: The slippery are very crafty.’ (Translation: Be careful, slippery.)”

There are a host of blogs that provide photos and commentary. Some of our favorites are here and here.

Now we’re on the hunt for some bad English to any other language translations.

Also, stay tuned as we’re still collecting our own words and phrases (odderations) along the way.

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