Has anyone seen the recent Cheetos Orange Underground campaign?

At first I though that the Orange Underground might be this election cycle’s secret Florida plan to, again, f@&% everything up for everyone. Apparently, it is not. (But surely that Florida plan exists.) Instead it is some kind of Cheeto-based movement to commit “random acts of Cheetos.” Just what is a Random Act of Cheetos? From the official Orange Underground blog FAQ: “A RAoC is the ultimate act of snack-based defiance. It is the way to ’stick it to The Man.’”

Um, ok. Whatever dude. If you want directions on how to create your own “RAoC” see here. You can almost hear the executive, “How can we get Cheetos involved in this “blog” thing. And videos! We need user-generated videos. Ok, is my car outside yet?”

Anyway, what we care about are those TV ads. See the laundry one here.

W.T.F?! There is another one where a guy crushes a Cheeto in a work colleagues computer because… he’s overly neat. Are Cheetos selling spite? Is this what we’ve come to; unapologetic malice as a selling point? You’ll soon see:

Hummer commercial featuring a guy setting his neighbor’s hybrid sedan on fire.

Zune commercial where a guy swipes a large magnet over his little brother’s iPod.

Yahoo! commercial where a hacker rigs his cubicle neighbor’s computer so that when he does a Google search the screen explodes and sprays out acid, horribly blinding and disfiguring the guy.

Birth control commercial where a woman shoots a neighbor’s twins in the head with a Tec-9.

Anyone have any ideas why this campaign exists?