Egg on face

Have you ever misinterpreted an email message and reacted like a crazy person? And soon found out that the message that you read in your head was not what the sender intended at all? YIKES!

Caution fellow tweeters, the same thing can happen in the new world of very abbreviated tongue.

Tweet in point, last week I get a direct message from someone. The tweet read: “Consult, don’t sell”.

I’m having a day from hell, full throttle PMS, allergies, rained on my tennis game and feeling a bit cranky.

I’m thinking who is this tweet chick insinuating that I’m behaving badly, breaking the rules of tweet etiquette by hard selling?

Needless to say my feathers were ruffled, because I am very conscious of the golden rule in social media, never sell, spam or whore dog in any way!

I first fire back with a direct message back to my follower. “What exactly are you referring to?”

Twenty four hours goes by and no response. Now I’ve been stewing on this bird crap criticism of me being a sleaze and selling instead of consulting.

I discuss this whole matter with some of my fellow tweeters. What would you do? What do you think? They all banded with me. You don’t sell they confirmed. What’s she drinking? If she does not like your style of Diva-ness, tell her to opt her tweet butt out.

Yeah. They are right.

So I get back on my high-horse bird and fire another message, this time it’s going public, no direct soft tweet here.

I repeat to my follower “What exactly are you referring to? If you don’t like my style of content, opt out. Funny, my other 1400 followers have never thrown me a sour grape”.

It’s interesting how a sour tweet spreads like the swine flu. Some of my other followers even queried me, “what’s up with the cat fight on twitter?”. I explained the deal and felt like I had handled a big bully.

What a difference a tweet makes!

So today, I’m trolling through all my tweets and I notice one from that tweople who got my panties all in a big wad.

Oh my gosh—

I felt a giant black twitter egg growing on my face as I read her words.

The tweet read: >@Brandingdiva, you posted a list of ways to be different in your blog, and asked for ideas, I was contributing to your list, “consult, don’t sell”.

Moral to this bird-brained story.

Tweeting can cut out words, leave out previous posts and vital data. When this happens, find the spatula and start scrapping the big egg off and immediately apologize.

To my follower carolyngoodman

So sorry I pole vaulted to a wrong conclusion.