Branding DIva, Karen Post

Over the past few months, I’ve been giving my brand, Karen Post, The Branding Diva® some deep pondering and exploration time. Thinking through where I’ve been and where I want to go. Most importantly, what do I need to do to further separate myself from other speakers, consultants and writers whose expertise is branding or marketing too. The photo posted here will give you a sneak preview of what I’m doing. I’ll be showing you more in the coming blogs.

Brands are a work in progress (W.I.P). They evolve and the best ones continue to improve their distinction, story telling, and they freshen up their communications to reflect their essence, standout and stay relevant.

I’ve set some very ambitious goals for this year. One of my key strategies is to be bigger, bolder and even more bodacious.

As I make this journey to brand up, I’m going to share my process with you. Whether your brand is you or you direct an organizational brand, my goal is to inspire you to work through your brand and see new opportunities to take it to the next level.

One’s beliefs and values are important bricks in building a brand foundation.

Beliefs are concepts that you hold to be true.

What are you unequivocally convinced is true about your professional expertise?

Here are mine:

1) Every person, company and organization is a brand.
Some choose to ride the brand wagon organically and accept where the wind takes them. Others take the wheel and arrive at the destination they choose.

2) We are a visually – judgmental society.
What your brand looks like and how it is packaged molds 90% of the first impression you earn.

3) No risk. No brand.
Standing out and standing for what you believe requires guts. It’s not easy and that’s why there are so many sissy brands competing on price and losing out to stronger brands.

4) Simple ideas stick.
This applies to design, messaging and methods. The human race is easily confused.

5) Boring brands have to work twice as hard and often are forgotten twice as fast.
This means being boring is a costly trait. If you want to earn attention and be remembered, don’t be boring.

6) Having a big budget is not required to create a great brand, being resourceful is priceless.
Creativity and innovation trumps the bucks on any day.

7) Consistency counts.
Repeat, repeat, repeat your message, your visuals and your story.

8) Great ideas are worthless without decisiveness and execution.
Bad decisions are better than no decision at all. Plans without action have no value PERIOD.

9) If your brand sucks, and it is not helping you reach your goals, it’s your fault.
Quit whining and get to work.

Values are concepts that we hold to be important.

What’s important to you or your brand culture?

Here’s what’s important to me.

  • Financial freedom (so I can be independent and not dependent)
  • Design, aesthetics and beautiful things inspire me (ugly, boring and common are disturbing)
  • Personal responsibility (is everyone’s lifetime job)
  • Having fun (mandatory)
  • Creativity (fresh and unique ways to do common things and acts)
  • Luxury (no camping for me, unless it’s at The Four Seasons Hotel)
  • Helping others succeed (sharing expertise, leading by example, being generous)

Values govern the way we behave, communicate and interact with others.

Beliefs and values determine our attitudes and opinions, both critical in a brand’s foundation.

Get clear on your beliefs and values, the rest of the brand process will fall into place.

Brand on!