Justsell.com is solid resource for sales leaders. Through its newsletters and on the site, it provides professional development tips, advice, and ideas to be used in the areas of sales, sales training and marketing. It also publishes business leads and information.

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Oddpodz review:

This site has good energy and a bunch of free stuff that is well organized. I downloaded two good ebooks, one on the impact of selling in Web 2.0 by the founder and publisher of Power Selling Magazine. The book had useful data, but, required I sign up on a sponsor landing form. The sponsor was WEBEX and within 30 seconds they were calling me. I don’t know that I loved that level of aggression. The second book was a fun ebook called 201 motivators, subtitled pure sale joy. No sign up was required. This compilation includes people, actions and resources. It’s a fast, pump-you-up read.