Great branding can certainly impact a bottom line when its execution has a sound strategy behind it. This means that all business decisions are made to align with their brand essence (purpose, points of difference, personality and promise), its goals and game plan.

[tweet_box design=”default”]Great brands DO NOT simply “happen” after you come up with a cool name for your company.[/tweet_box]

I just finished a new ebook that lays out the secret to great branding with 7 critical questions that every brand owner needs to be able to answer.

[tweet_box design=”default”]Great brands DO NOT just stick to consumer’s minds after you’ve created a beautiful new logo and printed it on a coffee mug.[/tweet_box]

Have framework to your brand. Answer these questions and before you take your next tactical move, get clear on what your brand stands for.

I hope you enjoy it. Download your ebook here.

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