Time is money.

And it’s very likely your audience’s well is bone dry with no extra minutes to spare. Let alone are they willing to give you even one nano inch of bandwidth to understand and remember your point.

Many brand leaders are so laser-focused on their service or products features that they fail to see the real tree opportunity in the forest.

Smart brand leaders use metaphors to connect with their targets.

The right metaphors can serve as a life raft when your brand is drowning in a sea of sameness.

Metaphors present a story that buyers can see, feel and grasp. Great metaphors can help your point stick better than Elmer’s Glue®.

Need more on the power of metaphors? Check out this video on the art of metaphors by Jane Hirshfield.

The art of metaphors

Also here is cool app that spits out metaphors like a nail machine. It’s called Metaphor magnet, it’s FREE and all you do is pop in your concept and say metaphorize this!


Want to really get under the skin of today’s consumers and learn how metaphors tap into the behavioral psyche of your buyer?  Pick up the book Marketing Metaphoria by Gerald Zaltman and Lindsay Zaltman. It’s a compelling, well-written perceptive on the subject with boat loads of ideas for marketers and brand leaders.

This post may have more metaphors than a flea infested pup, neither a good situation. Don’t OD on metaphors. Metaphors in moderation can be a smart move to effective communication.

Till next time . . . brand on!