Many possess skills, talents and attributes that come easier to them than others. This stuff doesn’t feel like work, and it’s fun.

For some it is writing, rain making, negotiating, playing sports, singing, public speaking or even solving problems.

Many believe people who have these traits are considered naturals. They think gifts are included in the DNA, and are passed down when they got their set of genes.  Or  they are just lucky.

That may be true in a few rare cases. But I’m of the opinion there are no gifts of talent, and luck is extremely over rated, too.  Gifts and luck happen, when you really love something, are passionate, invest in practicing a craft and continuously developing “the whatever”,  they become a very natural, effortless act.

The origin of the gifts is really not so important. What you do with them is.

Here is the big, bad habit that will steal from your bank account every day if you let it.
Under valuing stuff you do that is easy.

This means:

  • Discounting the value of your skills, attributes and traits, because it is not hard work.
  • Don’t charge enough if you are in business or ask for enough when you work for someone else.
  • Or you don’t get your fair share in a collaborative deal.

The value of your skills, talents and abilities and what they will earn you is partly up to the market. Will they pay and what will they pay? But, even more important is what you believe you and your stuff are worth as you control this part of the equation that often ends up in your bank account.

Don’t be guilty of under valuing stuff that comes easy to you. Be grateful it’s fun and do enjoy the experience.

Don’t short change your worth, your bank account or your future.