Stop what you are doing!  Take the pulse on your personal brand, today. It’s fast and painless. Add up all the No’s and then total them.  If your total higher than 2 you’ve got some work to do. Earned a low score, below 2, Go Celebrate!

These tips were part of a talk I gave this morning at the Southeastern Entrepreneur Conference. Thank you University of Tampa Entrepreneurship Center for hosting such as awesome event. For a copy of the PowerPoint scroll down and download. Got a question? Post a comment and I’ll do my best to address it.

6 questions every professional to answer with Yes!
1) Have you secured your full name as a URL? (Like mine is  YES OR NO

2) Do you Google search your name at least once a month? YES OR NO

3) Does your cell phone recording state your full name and sound professional? YES OR NO

4) Do you have a professional, one paragraph only, blurb of copy that can be used a byline after a blog post or article, or to introduce you to someone? YES OR NO

5) Is your Linkedin profile set up and 95% completed with a great head shot photo, concise content about you professionally speaking with at least three top three key words (that people would search for you with)? YES OR NO

6)  Do you have a list of at least 4 adjectives that describe your professional personality? YES OR NO

7)  Do reflect these adjectives in your social and offline? YES OR NO

8) When friends and professional colleagues introduce you at an event or party do they get what you actually do?

Download full presentation from 2011, click on the image.

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