crossroad, opportunity, how to make the best choices

There are no coincidences or any layer luck with people who achieve a lot.

They take chances. They make choices. They are intentional.
These moves create the path to scoring what they want, their goals.

Practice these everyday and you will see a major shift in your results.

Go get it! and make wise choices.

1) They have an absolute, clear plan filled with accountable goals.
It’s not vague pipe dreams, like I want to be rich and famous, but a very specific set of items they can see. For example, I will earn $300,000 in 12 months, write a best selling book published by a big house publisher and work 4 days a week. What exactly do you want?

2) They don’t surround themselves with people who have lower standards than they do.
Their buddies are hitting home runs too. Sure they help a few less fortunate folks with mentoring etc., but they do not waste time with time suckers, whiners and ‘I’m a victim’, don’t take responsibility, loser-types. You are the company you keep. Yes, this can be uncomfortable.

3) They focus on roaring, powerful rivers and not almost-empty puddles.
They are highly productive. They think about what they say yes to and what to pass on, because they know what will get them closer to their goals and what will be a costly detour. Are you spending time tooling on three blogs that no one reads, and hanging with people who can’t really influence massive pools of others or help you connect to someone extremely connected. Or could you be getting over your fear and pitching a major TV station on doing a story on your company that reaches millions.

4) Guilt is not an emotion they know.
Guilt is a useless, momentum busting waste. Most of us picked up this awful state of mind as a child. But successful people have learned to change the story. You are not responsible for saving the world. You do not need to help every living soul and you are worthy of happiness and success.

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