Your Free Conference Tools The internet is, of course, one of our most powerful communication tools. Everyday, people are innovating new ways to connect and sync our lives via the web. Not so many years ago, many of us were first introduced to the internet through a thing called email. Today, the Internet offers many ways to connect–not only through traditional text methods, but through voice and video as well. We’ve got four FREE ways you can use the internet to communicate and conference with your clients, customers, colleagues, or family.

1) Free Conference Calls – Free Telephone Conferencing http://www.freeconferencecall.com/

Free Conference Call is great when you need to reach out to a large group or audience. The site provides a phone number that you and up to 96 others can call into for free. You are the organizer and a phone number is reserved for you on the day and time you request. There are no charges for this service, although long distance charges may apply. Conferences can last for up to 6 hours, and you can even record it with no additional charges. Then, you are free to download distribute the recording. No catches, no surprises, not even ads during the call.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: Using this site, organizing a conference call is simple. The lines are clear, no noise, and easy to hear. No screaming into the receiver necessary. There are other sites offering free conference calls, but freeconferencall.com is one of the most-used and easiest to set up, with just a name and email address needed for an instant account.

(contact page: http://www.freeconferencecall.com/contactus.asp)

2) Foonz – Group Calling, Group Voicemail http://www.foonz.com

Foonz is a more casual site for setting up a group call. It’s for when you need to get in touch with a lot of people at once, but don’t want to send 15 emails. You sign up for a free account, type in your contacts’ phone numbers, and Foonz will text or IM them, inviting them to the call. They call the “Foonz Number” and everyone is connected. Foonz incorporates some great features like the ability to assign and remember groups and group voice messaging.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: Foonz is a way to get a group of people on the phone fast. Maybe you need to let everyone know of a rainout, or excitedly tell a group about some great news. Others don’t need to sign up for an account; they just dial the number they are sent. People without mobile phones can use Foonz, too, but wouldn’t be texted the phone number. Foonz can be a way of saving cell phone minutes too by talking to a group at once, rather than dialing each individually.

(contact page: http://www.foonz.com/contactUs.php)

3) Yugma – Free Web Conferencing, Online Meeting Spaces https://www.yugma.com/

The strange name is a Sanskrit word meaning “togetherness”. Yugma allows you to virtually host meetings online. You might host a webinar, give a product demonstration, connect with your remote team, run a virtual club meeting, or just collaborate with others. With a free account, you can invite up to 20 attendees, where you can share your desktop and IM with one another. It’s simple enough to use, allowing for spontaneous collaboration. There are no time limits and no restrictions to how many sessions you can have per month. When you sign up for a free account, Yugma also gives you a free 15-day trial of their Pro service, with additional features and functions such as shared file space.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: A great benefit to using Yugma over other web conferencing sites is the professional-looking interface. Yugma has the business professional in mind. Yugma is compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux users. Everyone can have an account, and it’s easy to get started and communicate your ideas with a group of people.

(contact page: https://www.yugma.com/contact.php)

4) Oovoo – Free Online Video Conferencing http://www.oovoo.org/

First, we communicated via text online, and then over the phone online. Oovoo takes the next step with video chat. With Oovoo, you can even host a conference–a free account allows a video conference with up to 2 others simultaneously. Or you can just go one on one. Other free features include a customizable “call me” button which you can integrate into your blog, email, or social network account, allowing clients or customers to call you via video. Oovoo also has a page recommending webcams and headsets you might purchase to enhance your experience. A pro-account allows for up to 6 people and starts at $10 a month, with some additional functionality.

Cost: FREE

Oddpodz Review: Increasingly, video is becoming one of the most important mediums on the internet. Video can be useful for interviewing a potential hire, getting an impression before a real life meeting, or just chatting with friends and colleagues you haven’t seen in a while. Oovoo’s interface is clean and professional, with a sense of humor and philosophy of bringing people together.

(contact page: http://oovoo.com/About%20Us/Contact%20Us.aspx?sc_lang=en)