Holiday gift

Whatever you celebrate or commemorate this holiday season, the Oddpodz team wishes you lots of joy and happiness, and a sense of humor to manage through any challenging parts to get you there.

December is an interesting month for business and entrepreneurs. For many the 12th month of the year represents the highest volume of sales, for others, things almost stop until January, either way it’s a month of reflection and the end of year and beginning of a new one.

For many of us, giving and receiving gifts is also part of the season. To show appreciation, love, friendship of maybe to just support Hallmark® and economies around the globe, giving is good.

I made an entrepreneurs’ holiday wish list. I hope you all receive a n abundance of these and can give them to others too.

1) Intention
Intention is a great gift. It cuts through the junk and clears the way to where you want to be. Run your business, live your life with full intention. You’ll be amazed at how many other gifts you’ll get. Be intentional.

2) Empathy
Empathy is an ultimate gift. To understand others point of view, their needs and expectations keeps relationships tight, customers loyal and new connections feeling welcome. Trust and value your opinions, but do respect others, even if you don’t agree with them. It takes all kinds to make our world go round. Be empathic.

3) Confidence
Confidence is a powerful gift. Confidence has turned around careers, businesses and lives. It’s the super human fuel that somethings is hard to explain. There’s not limit to the confidence you can own or the empowering support you can give others, so their confidence has no boundaries. Be confident.

Happy Holidays!

Be safe, stay warm and enjoy!

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